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Add-On Technologies, Inc.: Cash Automation Done Right

 Ray Van Vynckt, President, Add-On Technologies, Inc. Ray Van Vynckt, President
The brick-and-mortar banking sector is downsizing and squeezing for margins. At the same time, the ongoing pandemic has created a significant impact on workflow processes, leading to modification and greater efficiency. North Carolina-based Add-On Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in enabling branch transformation and provides cash automation integrations with a strong inclination towards the universal banker model. Committed to excellence in all its endeavors, Add- On Technologies strives to ensure that their solution set is compatible with and fully utilizes the best end-user options available. “We take an agnostic approach when deciding to integrate our solutions with specific cash automation hardware,” Ray Van Vynckt, President of Add-On Technologies, Inc.

Add-On Technologies provides DynaCash™, a Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) middleware solution that enables tellers to carry out deposits and withdrawals efficiently. The system collects information from a transaction and automatically enters it into the teller application, removing the need to count cash manually. DynaCash software is a legacy product, and the 2nd generation hardware, the CC-5000 keypad, has been around for 15 years.

The DynaCash suite has earned a reputation for reliability in the industry, with more than one hundred resellers actively selling and supporting this solution. Add-On Technologies, Inc. recently introduced DynaCore™, their 3rd generation middleware suite built on the robust DynaCash foundation. DynaCore employs a .NET “Console” application as a new intuitive user interface, rather than using a CC-5000 keypad-type terminal.

It also enables up to six concurrent tellers to utilize a single TCR. DynaCore includes integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory, supporting centralized user management.

We are truly helping the branch transformation industry move forward with our solution set

The heart of the system is the DynaCore Cash Automation Controller, which ensures overall reliability by placing the business logic directly at the TCR, within easy reach of the end user.

Add-On Technologies also provides TellerCounts™ which performs similar screen automation functions, but instead of using a cash recycler, tellers use it with a bill discriminator or coin sorter. This feature is also built into DynaCore so that a teller can utilize a cash recycler and a bill discriminator or coin sorter integrated into a single transaction. Add-On Technologies serves as a subject matter expert and educates and trains their resellers, ATM vendors, and end-users such as banks or credit unions. “Our products complement the entire branch transformation initiative that retail banking has experienced over the past several years,” states Van Vynckt.

For instance, a Michigan-based credit union service provider was using a well-known TCR direct integration and had many support problems. Nearly two decades ago, they adopted the first generation of DynaCash. It worked brilliantly with their app, and they have been using Add-On Technologies solution set ever since. Based on direct sales from Add-On Technologies to its resellers, the company also helps resellers be more successful in selling and implementing cash automation integration solutions by offering Professional Services Support. “We are truly helping the branch transformation industry move forward with our solution set, particularly in the COVID-19 environment by automating the cash handling component,” asserts Van Vynckt. Currently, Add-On Technologies is utilizing a small percentage of its DynaCore device’s actual hardware capability and memory space and is keen on expanding the feature set by continuing to innovate and build on DynaCore as a product itself. There is a lot of future advancement capability, and the firm is diligent in ensuring that the end-users get the best possible value. Add-On Technologies emphasizes service, flexibility, and quality, and it has gained the trust of its clients, direct and indirect partners, and Cash Recycler manufacturers. “We are fully committed to continuing doing what we have done in the past and the bottom line is to move the industry forward by focusing on quality,” concludes Van Vynckt.

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Add-On Technologies, Inc.

Add-On Technologies, Inc.

Indian Trail, North Carolina

Ray Van Vynckt, President

Add-On Technologies provides cash recycler integration software and enables cash handling equipment such as Cash Dispensers, Cash Recyclers, and Currency Counters to integrate with financial applications like Online Teller Applications for banking, Casino Applications, Check Cashing Applications, Cash Settlement Applications, or other financial applications