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ImageSource: Transforming Businesses With Robust Enterprise Content Management

Terry Sutherland, CEO and Marni Carmichael, Vice President of Marketing, ImageSourceTerry Sutherland, CEO and Marni Carmichael, Vice President of Marketing
In the current business world, enormous volumes of data are being generated and processed by the second. While businesses have devised their ways of dealing with unprecedented quantities of data, many continue to use labor-intensive, time-consuming methods that resemble paper pushing. When faced with too much paperwork and massive amounts of unstructured information that hinder fast data processing and efficient information security and access, automating business processes and strategically managing enterprise content becomes necessary. This is especially true for financial services organizations dealing with tons of regulated data and valuable customer information. Time-sensitive transactions must be traceable using technology to prevent human errors, misuse, and data loss. These requirements highlight the need for robust enterprise content management (ECM) and business process automation (BPA) solutions.
Helping financial services firms securely handle the vast data running through their systems is ImageSource, an Olympia, WA-based software and system integrations company specializing in ECM.

With efficient digital transformation solutions, ImageSource’s software platform ILINX automates business processes and improves the internal and external workflows of financial services organizations, accelerating their business growth. ILINX is not limited to automating back-office processes; ILINX also focuses on automating front office and self-service applications for financial organizations. “We’re enabling financial institutions to leverage all their systems of record, helping process data much faster,” says Terry Sutherland, CEO, ImageSource.

Automating Business Processes Through System Integration

With a focus on cybersecurity, ILINX Data Loss Prevention (DLP) addresses the data security needs of financial institutions by focusing on automating processes around securing information during financial transactions like loan processing, credit disputes and insurance underwriting. By identifying and intelligently masking personally identifiable information (PII) like social security numbers, driver licenses, and credit card details, ILINX secures sensitive customer data based on user role or location without hampering workflows, allowing access to just enough information to help in processing transactions.

ImageSource added DLP to ILINX to protect financial institutions from data breaches and data losses over transmission channels during pandemic-induced remote work. Corroborating the same, Marni Carmichael, Vice President of Marketing at ImageSource, recounts, “We were able to respond to one of our largest financial services provider customers by adding a module to the ILINX platform that helps secure information in any work environment.”

Additionally, ImageSource is also planning to implement workflow and role-specific content lifecycle view functionality into a dynamic user interface to facilitate 24/7 self-service and better coordination among internal and external users like vendors, reducing touch points, costs, and wait times. Financial services organizations need these types of speed of transaction differentiators to expand services to existing customers and attract new ones.

We enable financial institutions to achieve outstanding customer service at every touchpoint, accelerating transaction times

This newest addition to the ILINX platform is ILINX Engage, ImageSource’s latest digital transformation tool. ImageSource Transforming Businesses with Robust Enterprise Content Management SOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2021 TOP 10 FINTECH 27 AUGUST 2021 We enable financial institutions to achieve outstanding customer service at every touchpoint, accelerating transaction times ILINX Engage enables the contextualization of content, allowing access to data and its location in the workflow per user-specific roles by providing self-service and quickservice menus accessible from the internal user dashboard or customer portal. ILINX Engage unifies user and content-specific interaction with workflows, expanding the traditional workflow model that helps information between business systems, and brings life to business-critical data needed for decision making, reporting, and audits.

Deploying intelligent capture technologies like mobile capture and RPA, ImageSource’s ILINX Capture collects data from physical documents, e-forms, and large external data sources through ingestion workflows. In combination with ILINX Engage, it allows unique views for constituents, power users, and vendors. They can personally track documents and content in a particular workflow on the platform, also accessible from mobile devices or PCs using browser diagnostics.

ImageSource’s ILINX Integrate seamlessly transfers data from the old mainframe applications to business applications to the ILINX platforms while sharing processes with Salesforce and JD Edwards applications. It serves to upgrade slow, defunct legacy systems that cannot provide a secure environment and are expensive to maintain for workflows and integrate them with today’s cutting-edge technologies like RPA. ImageSource’s ILINX platform was built for seamless integration with legacy systems and provides modern solutions to make their clients’ systems easily operable and customer-friendly.

Customer-Centricity at the Forefront

Equipped with a dedicated team of employees, ImageSource goes the extra mile to deliver the best solutions to its customers. “We don’t just sell software; we support our clients in solving their business problems,” states Sutherland. Such customer-centricity is a reflection of ImageSource’s organizational culture, which runs on the core philosophy of seeing employees and as partners – a practice that extends to customers too. “We have a culture of collaboration that starts with our executive management team and goes to our support team. And we believe our customers are just an extension of us,” he adds.

It is further reflected in ImageSource’s product offerings. For instance, over 75 percent of the 131 new features of ILINX’s 9.0 version release are customerdriven. The same goes with its DLP offering, developed in collaboration with clients to address their data protection needs.
In the coming days, apart from expanding into the Asia Pacific market, ImageSource is also planning to leverage the trend of companies increasingly shifting from on-premises to in-cloud settings.

“Managed services’ for our customer partners BPA and ECM systems are the baby steps to migration to our cloud offering. That’s a huge growth area for us,” Sutherland states. ImageSource is further looking forward to launching ILINX 9.1 version having 68 new features this year. With exciting products in the pipeline, ImageSource continually delivers innovative products and solutions to help finance companies navigate the new-age business world.

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Olympia, WA

Terry Sutherland, CEO and Marni Carmichael, Vice President of Marketing

ImageSource, the manufacturer of the ILINX software platform, offers smart business automation solutions and digital transformation to financial services organizations. Specializing in ECM, ImageSource enables financial institutions to leverage all their systems of record, accelerating data processing and transaction times. Its ILINX platform integrates with business systems, captures ingestion workflows, and automates back-office and front office processes with a combination of smart modules like ILINX Integrate, ILINX Capture and ILINX Engage. ILINX’s DLP offering focuses on securing financial transactions and masking PII data based on user-specific roles without hampering workflows